A 100% eco-friendly site


Sivalbp does not use autoclave products (chemical process also called CL3 green, brown or grey preservation) and has always adopted an eco-friendly alternative by using naturally sustainable varieties or transforming wood thermally thanks to its own thermostabilisation, drying and steaming equipment. 


100% of the Sivalbp production site’s energy requirements come from renewable energies:

  • hydroelectric electricity,
  • rainwater recovery,
  • powering the furnace using our chips and off cuts,
  • thermal processes powered by the furnace: non energy-intensive production site.


100 % of the varieties used are certified PEFC™ or FSC®

  • Sivalbp selects quality varieties for an eco-friendly approach
  • We ensure that the origin of our wood is exclusively from responsibly managed forests, certified PEFC™ and FSC®


100% of the wood transformation processes are eco-friendly:

  • thermo-stabilisation and steaming: core and natural treatments,
  • finger-jointing,
  • solvent-free finishing products.

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To maintain and boost the positive impact of wood products on the environment and to follow a sustainable development approach.