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And if you dare for colour? The 8 colours of the SIVALBP Colours range offer you the guarantee of sustainably colouring your creations while preserving the natural spirit of the wood.
These solvent-free nuances have been designed to resist the battle of time and avoid flaking and the colours changing substantially.

To preserve the radiance of the colour, clean annually by lightly brushing the surface with an SIVALBP cleaning product. A well-maintained finish over 10 years contributes to ensuring the longevity of the cladding.

The +

The +

  • 21mm-thick planks guarantee very high stability and better resistance

  • There is a very wide 21x150mm option available in stable, joined planks whose main particularities have been removed.

  • Attractiveness mastered thanks to a range of planks and rigorous application of the finisher

  • A specially designed finish bringing flexibility and resistance against micro-deformation


Wood accessories available according to variety

  • Corner piece

  • Mixed angle

  • Panel