sivalbp New Age

Mélèze de Sibérie

profiles :

  • Chanfréa

  • Chanfréa évo

  • Linéa

  • Linéa évo

  • Soléa

  • Parallélo 30

  • Micro 2 Lg 15

  • Natural variety, class 3.2, FSC® certified, from responsibly managed forests

  • Fine and consistent veins

  • Two-grey trend which preserves the natural appearance and feel of the wood

  • Anti-UV, water-repellent and solvent-free finish

  • Non-filmogenic saturator which penetrates wood and doesn't flake over time

  • Offered in EcoThermo Siberian Larch

  • Without special maintenance, it will accompany your facade to a natural greying over several years

  • Euroclass C-s2, d0 classification for chanfréa, chanfréa évo, linéa, linéa évo and soléa profiles

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