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Sivalbp Wood Claddings Certifications

Sivalbp Wood cladding certifications

In order to offer high-performance and innovative wood claddings, all Sivalbp products meet the wood industry standards and certification labels. All Sivalbp woods are certified according to European and environmental standards.

PEFC(PEFC/10-31-1593) certified wood claddings

Sivalbp undertakes to promote sustainable resource management of the forests by sourcing exclusively PEFC certified wood species.

PEFC Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification ensures that the woods employed are sourced from sustainably managed forests.

The PEFC vouches for sustainable wood management for each step of the cladding manufacturing:

  1. FOREST : Sustainable forest management compliance
  2. LOGGING :  Sustainable forest management compliance
  3. DISTRIBUTION and LOGGING : Control chain compliance



Preserved wood claddings with CTB B+ certification

The CTB-B+ certification, delivered by the FCBA (French Institute of Technology for Forest-based and Furniture Sectors) guarantees the performance of the treatments used to durably protect cladding woods.

The Sivalbp ranges of wood cladding called Elegance, New Age, Vintage, Montagne and Colors are attested with the CTB B+ for preventive treatment.

The Sivalbp wood boards are treated in our factory on the production site in Thônes, according to specifications in compliance with the requirements of the French standard NF B 50-105-3.

By choosing CTB B+ certified wooden cladding, you make sure your building has well-protected and long-term resisting wood.



Declaration of performance, CE marking for wood panelling and cladding

Sivalbp complies with the European Construction Products Regulation NBN EN

14915:20131 « Solid wood panelling and cladding – Characteristics, requirements and marking »

All our Sivalbp boards have a declaration of performance enabling the customer to access transparent information on the use and characteristics of the product, as well as the fire safety solutions.



FDES (Environmental and Sanitary Declaration Sheet)

The Environmental and Sanitary Declaration Sheet (FDES) for Sivalbp wooden claddings shows the environmental impact of the wood boards in their implementation during the building.

Sivalbp is the first French manufacturer offering an individual Environmental and Sanitary Declaration Sheet (FDES), this in order to inform contractors and contracting authorities on the environmental performance of its products.


download SIVALBP fdes


Click here to access the individual Sivalbp Declaration Sheet on the INIES homepage

Why Choosing Sivalbp?

Sivalbp defines with you the most suitable solution regarding your project and we bring our expertise in the installation of wood cladding and in the maintenance or in the wood cladding renovation.
Sivalbp commitment: bringing to the house wooden covering , attractive and outstanding solutions that will last for a long time.

French Manufacture

French Manufacture

Sustainable certified woods

Sustainable certified woods

Eco-friendly Company

Eco-friendly Company

Quality and Know-How

Quality and Know-How

Attractive sustainable cladding

Attractive sustainable cladding