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French Manufacturer of wood cladding
in the Heart of the French Alps
100% french and eco-friendly

New Age Wood cladding with pre-greyish saturators

Natural grey wood cladding

With years, wood cladding evolves and acquires a patina with age and its color change naturally over time.

Sivalbp is the first French manufacturer to have designed a range of timeless grey saturators to anticipate the effects of time on wood cladding.

The New Age Sivalbp range thus offers wood cladding with a homogeneous contemporary grey appearance which will evolve naturally and very slowly in the same tones.

Through the development of this range, Sivalbp’s objective was to respond to a growing expectation for the accompaniment of the greying of the wood facade in a homogeneous manner and to offer products of great aesthetic durability.

Easy to maintain, the finish with gray saturator allows the wood to develop naturally. Only regular cleaning will be necessary, to preserve the original shine of the colors of the wood siding with pre-gray saturators. If, on the contrary, you wish to let your facade evolve towards a natural graying, you will not have to perform any particular maintenance.

Sivalbp pre-grey cladding is available in several species.

Wood cladding with water-repellent finish

The finish on natural grey wood cladding is a solvent-free and film-free saturator type.  An acrylic resin is used to deeply penetrate the fibers of the wood and to ensure an optimal and sustainable UV protection and against bad weather. Sivalbp New Age finish brings a water repellent finish to the cladding that doesn’t chip away, no scraping or sanding are necessary.

For more inspiration, discover Sivalbp projects in New Age wood cladding.

The + Sivalbp

  • 1

    Two trendy grey colors, timeless and pearly that preserve the natural aspect of the wood.

  • 2

    Euroclass C ranking on a selection of larch cladding

  • 3

    Finish without any solvent, UV resistant and water repellent

  • 4

    Non-film forming finish with saturator that deeply penetrates the wood and doesn’t chip away with years.

  • 5

    No specific care, your facade will evolve to a natural grey color over time


Discover the different wood accessories available depending on the species

  • corniere

    Corner trill

  • angle mixte

    Complex corner trim

  • tableau


To find out which accessories are suitable for your products

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Evolution of wood cladding, timeless grey saturators, New Age, with times


Wood cladding on delivery : Altapura (73) - 2010


Wood cladding after 10 years of exposure

Why Choosing Sivalbp?

Sivalbp defines with you the most suitable solution regarding your project and we bring our expertise in the installation of wood cladding and in the maintenance or in the wood cladding renovation.
Sivalbp commitment: bringing to the house wooden covering , attractive and outstanding solutions that will last for a long time.

French Manufacture

French Manufacture

Sustainable certified woods

Sustainable certified woods

Eco-friendly Company

Eco-friendly Company

Quality and Know-How

Quality and Know-How

Attractive sustainable cladding

Attractive sustainable cladding