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Siberian larch variety

Siberian wood species, with very thin veining, slightly luminous, FSC® certified

Siberian Larches are hard, dense and sinewy woods. Conditioned by an exceptional climate, this wood species grows very slowly and is recognized for its durability, up to 50 years. The Siberian Larch has very thin veining, slightly luminous and a very homogeneous grain. Silvabp only selects Siberian Larches from forests managed in an eco-responsible way.

Siberian larch variety characteristics



The knot stems from a branch. Sound knots do not affect the durability of the wood cladding. Knots that fall out (similar to holes), can have an impact on the durability of the cladding.


Holes on the edge

This singularity finds its origin in the profiling by the shard of a knot ringed or dead located on the edge. With a maximum authorized diameter of 15mm, the covering with the bottom board is enough to insure the waterproofness of the cladding.



The cross-grained is a singularity revealed during processing, it can be assimilated to the detachment of fibers near the knots.


Surface cracks

Surface cracks appear as narrow surface crack oriented along the length of the board. They can appear during drying process or in dry weather. They then, partially close again in wet or rainy periods.


Resin drips

They are frequent and due to the exposure and to the architecture of the building which can favor pull resin up (except for EcoThermo products).


End cracks

During the natural drying stage of the wood, it is possible to see cracks at the end of the board on the Siberian larch cladding. These cracks are tolerated if they are less than 5 cm long.


Hue differences

Sivalbp offers a range of Siberian larch wood cladding from pale yellow to pale brown red through orange. Wood being a natural material, heterogeneous colour differences can be found. These fade over time and then the aesthetic is maintained throughout the life of the product.

Our Siberian Larch cladding finished projects

Both aesthetic and durable, the Siberian Larch is used for many projects. Due to its great durability, class 3 Siberian Larch is ideal for making wood cladding and board. See examples of our finished projects.


Discover the project

Siberian larch Wood cladding, Elegance range for Collective Buildings


Discover the project

Wood cladding, New Age range for Public buildings


Discover the project

Siberian larch Wood cladding, Authentic range for Collective Buildings


Discover the project

Ecothermo Exterior Siberian larch Wood cladding, Mountain range for Individual house

Why Choosing Sivalbp?

Sivalbp defines with you the most suitable solution regarding your project and we bring our expertise in the installation of wood cladding and in the maintenance or in the wood cladding renovation.
Sivalbp commitment: bringing to the house wooden covering , attractive and outstanding solutions that will last for a long time.

French Manufacture

French Manufacture

Sustainable certified woods

Sustainable certified woods

Eco-friendly Company

Eco-friendly Company

Quality and Know-How

Quality and Know-How

Attractive sustainable cladding

Attractive sustainable cladding